With the Exhilarated Co-active coaching approach you will:

* Clarify your core values, and your innate talents, challenge your limiting beliefs and move forward powerfully.

* Be invited to step outside of your comfort zone and view your situation from different perspectives in order to develop a greater capacity for creativity, presence and a flexibility in thought and action. The potential is for you to become an innovative, everyday leader who is able to create clarity, inspiration and connection.

Individual Coaching

Consists of weekly or biweekly conversations designed to achieve goals laid out by the client   conveniently available over the phone, skype or in person. Once you  clarify, connect and commit to what is of utmost importance you, there   will be a greater ease moving through challenging transitions, managing   multiple commitments, and building new capacities. In doing so you can experience yourself as creative, resilient and powerful.

Introductory Session

I  offer 30 minute complimentary sample sessions. The introductory session will allow you to experience the value of this style of coaching and get any questions answered.


“I came to coaching looking to get my life on track and accomplish the things that were important to me. Using the tools provided, I learned to deepen my intuition and insight. I found myself making changes in my behavior that allowed me to see others and myself with soft eyes. I made many changes in my home and work life as a result of the coaching conversations and continue to do so today.”

~ Lana Shepherd, Occupational Therapist