Play out on the skinny branches.

At Exhilarated Coaching we work with our clients to improve  their ability to flourish in changing times.

Exhilarated Coaching

Has You:


  • Clarify values and act on them.
  •  Go past where you normally stop.
  •  Develop awareness and strengthen your inner game.
  •  Use your innate strengths to stretch and build new capacities.
  •  Build practices that have you achieve your desired goals.
  •  Play, create and have fun.



  • Gain new perspectives, take new actions.
  • Notice and utilize a range of skills and natural strengths.
  • Feel more connected and on purpose.
  • Release stress, become more accepting and at peace.
  • Produce results. Feel energized and alive. Laugh more.
  • Increased creativity, focus, clarity and authenticity.


“Paula provided me with valuable guidance and  coaching as I took on a  senior management role in the middle of a  pronounced downturn.  She  aided me to step back and examine my career  and personal goals  holistically and provided me with strategies to  achieve both, in a way  that was as close to balanced as I have achieved  in my career.  Paula’s  frank, probing questions forced me to reflect on  my own priorities and  methods in a way that helped me grow  professionally into a better  leader and personally into a better family  man. ”

~Mark R. Ramsden, P.Eng. Director, Engineering Resources

Through our custom designed approach you will discover you and your team are built for more than surviving in a 24/7 world.

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